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Who will show for our sales meeting today????
Will See.

Scratchy Eyes


Have you ever rolled out of bed in the morning and had your eyes feel like sand paper? That is what I felt this AM. As I progressed through the day I began to think about all the sellers out there with the "Scratchy Eye Syndrome". What do I mean? Sleepless nights, stressed evenings and weekends, just plain irritated or mad as h e double toothpicks that their house has not sold. It is a common thing today and all I can say is hang in there. If you really want to sale stop faulting your Realtor and take some ownership. Todays market requires you to win the beauty pagent and the pricing war. Your house must look its best and be priced below the other 5000 on the market in the area. If your Realtor is doing their part by marketing to their sphere of influence, placing the property in MLS and most importantly multiple pictures, tours on multiple high traffic websites then you must do yours and price and stage appropriately.

How New is that New Listing??

Good Morning,  I just returned from a jam packed meeting in Orlando. During this meeting one of the HOT Topics was "How New is that New Listing". From my perspective this can be very misleading. When an agent says they have a new listing this DOES Not mean that the property is new to the market but what it means is that the agent has a new listing contract on it. Most consumers assume it is new to the market. So when looking at for sale properties the more appropriate question from a buyer should be, "What are the cumulative days on market for this property?" You may find that the "New Listing" has actually been on the market for 2 years or more.
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